Colleen Stewart always knew that she would become a musician.  As a precocious youngster in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Colleen began playing the piano at just four years old.  By age eight she was writing songs. Piano was her core.  She survived adolescence by performing in a myriad of high school rock bands before lighting out to Los Angeles, California in 1973 to follow her dreams and talents. In her rich and varied career as a pianist and keyboardist, Colleen Stewart has had the pleasure of recording in the studio or playing live gigs with such names as:

Tom Scott, Ed Green, Vickie Randle, June Millington, Larry Carlton, Carlos Vega, Cris Williamson, Jean Millington, Irene Cara, Freddie Ravel, Mary Watkins, Ike Turner, Randy Meisner, Anjani Thomas, Tom Sellars, Joe Kelly, Earl Slick, Jimmy Earl, Freddie Perren, Jon Clarke, Novi Novog, Ralph Humphries, Billy Talbot, Arno Lucas, Lynsey Tomasic, Tim Barr, Crazy Horse, Leslie Smith, Tena Clark, Jim Messina, Tom Kantz, Andrea Weltman, Linda Tillery, France Gall.

In 1974 the pioneering Colleen attended sessions and seminars in Los Angeles with Joe Zawinul (an influential keyboardist and co-founder of the jazz-rock trio, Weather Report), Herbie Hancock (a revered jazz and electronic pianist for Blue Note records), film composer James Newton Howard, and Micheal Bodikar of Toto.  At the Bla-Bla Café in North Hollywood, Colleen met Vicki Randle, the first female member of Kevin Eubanks’ Tonight Show Band.  On keyboards, Colleen accompanied Vickie’s percussion and vocals for five more years in various bands.  Colleen balanced recording sessions for Warner Chapel Music while also studying piano with Billie Holiday’s pianist, Eddie Beale. This prolific year in Colleen’s life also saw a US tour and album recording with Linda Tillery of Boz Scaggs.
In 1975, Colleen studied piano with David Reffenaud, who was the piano player for the legendary drummer Buddy Rich.  She also met sisters June and Jean Millington of Fanny, and toured into 1976 with their altogether underrated all girl rock band.   Colleen’s experiences touring with Fanny would lead her to New York to record piano and synthesizer on U.A. records with the Millington sisters, plus Irene Cara, later in 1978.
Colleen established herself as a talented and dependable studio keyboardist for the Fleming Williams Hues Corporation in the mid Seventies, by recording studio tracks for Air Supply with producer Harry Maslin on Arista Records. She also recorded keyboards and clavinet for friend Linda Tillery on Olivia Records at Wally Heider Studio in San Francisco.  Then, Dave Franco of A&R Records sent Colleen to play keyboards with France Gall and Michael Berger.  In 1978, they enjoyed a sold out tour of France and a double live album.
Back in the states in 1979, Colleen met John Cacavas, the president of the Composer’s Guild and began writing songs for him.  Colleen also composed music for Mrs. Columbo, Telly Savalas, and several movies of the week.  At this time, Colleen became a member of American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 
In 1980, Colleen recorded and co-wrote an album with singer, Theresa Heston with Jack Haley Jr. functioning as executive producer.  She spent the early 1980s laying down song demos in Venice, California with the bassist for Santana, David Brown. Steve Perry from San Francisco executively produced these tracks.  From 1984 to 1987, Colleen worked with an assortment of musicians, including Curly Smith of Jo Jo Gun and Earl Slick, guitarist for David Bowie.
By 1989, Colleen was busy recording the original material she had composed for singer, Angani Thomas, who worked (then and now) closely with folk giant, Leonard Cohen.  The early 1990’s reunited Colleen with June Millington of the now defunct Fanny.  With Colleen playing keyboards, they recorded two albums for Fabulous Records.  This was their third project together.

Currently, Colleen owns and operates a state of the art recording studio in Venice, California.  She works closely with a team of sound technicians to compose and produce an eclectic mix of music for artists, commercials and films.  Playing piano and songwriting is, of course, still at the core of Colleen Stewart’s existence. 

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